Energy Credit Rebates

Impact Energy Solutions assist clients submit LED lighting upgrades and other energy efficiency projects for Energy Credits. With grants of up to 30% available, now is the time to kick start your LED lighting upgrade project…. The benefits are numerous:

  • Money back for energy efficient projects inc. lighting, heating, refrigeration, variable speed drives and compressors.
  • Operating cost savings – Get more done with less €€€.
  • Lower your energy costs, improve productivity and increase cost effectiveness.
  • Asset upgrade and value uplift. Better equipment, reduced maintenance costs and safer work environment.
  • Reduction in carbon emissions and better corporate social responsibility.


ENERGY EFFICIENCYWhat do Impact Energy Solutions do?

Answer: When we propose an energy efficient lighting proposal to a client, we will then look to get approval for a carbon credit grant prior to any works commencing. We will gather clients project costs, estimated savings, etc and submit to our partners to assess the value of the carbon grant on offer. Once the value of grant is determined we will:

  • Apply Energy Credit to the ROI of the Energy Efficient Lighting proposal to show the true return on investment with grant included.
  • Complete all the necessary documentation on behalf of the client and submit for payment.
  • Ensure payment is made to the client at the end of the process.

CARBON CREDITIs this for new projects only?

Answer: NO. We can assess any projects you have completed in the same calendar year and put forward for carbon credit grant approval. Contact us today to discuss further…

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